Dynamic 3D model example 1 - Currently, there are the two file types of .4DS and .ABC:

  • .4DS: It can be implemented with AR/VR tools (such as ARCore and ARKit) after optimization, and can work with the plugin provided on the 4DViews official website to be imported to Unity3D and Unreal Engine software. It has two specifications for desktop and mobile.
  • .ABC (Alembic): It is the standard file format, compatible with a variety of 3D computer animation software such as Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and Cinema 4D. Each image frame is a model (for example, 30 FPS means 30 models produced in one second).
  • There are seven resolutions for an 3D model: 720, 960, 1200, 1440, 1920, 2400 and 2880. The higher the resolution, the finer the imaging.
  • The model file and its texture size depends on the shooting length and model resolution.

Dynamic 3D model example 1: 

  • Single person model
  • Frame rate: 60FPS
  • Resolution: 2880
  • 332 Frame (about 11 seconds)
  • .4DS file size: 577MB
  • .ABC file (desktop) size: 382MB
  • ABC PNG map size: 6.7MB ~ 7.3MB
  • Number of vertices : 51,000~52,500
  • Number of triangles: 102,000~105,000

Dynamic 3D model example 2: 

  • Two person model
  • Frame rate: 30FPS
  • Resolution: 2880
  • 386 Frame (about 13 seconds)
  • .4DS file size: 645MB
  • .ABC file (desktop) size: 742MB
  • ABC PNG map size: 6.7MB~8.3MB
  • Number of vertices: 52,400~55,800
  • Number of triangles: 104,000~110,000

Model source: 4DViews