The Taiwan Creative Content Agency took over the "IP Lab Studio" from the Ministry of Culture In July 2019, the Ministry of Culture used the Foresight Program funds to bring in the latest 4DViews volumetric capture system from France and built the second 4DViews studio in Asia and the sixth in the world. They were hoping to guide domestic industrial and academic circles to use the latest international technology and the dynamic 3D models produced with the volumetric capture technology to create diversified IPs and entertainment and cultural contents with forward-looking and creative Taiwanese origins and commercial potential for market development.

"4DViews" was created as a technology spin-off the INRIA Rhône-Alpes Laboratory in France, which spent more than ten years on the development of volumetric capture technology. It has been in operation since 2007, and provides a powerful and reliable volumetric capture system (the latest version is HOLOSYS). At present, there are 4DViews studios in fourteen locations around the world, including Europe (4DR Studios in France/Hungary/Netherlands), the United States (Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) of Georgia State University, California 4D Fun, and New York VR Accelerator) and Asia (Taiwan's Ministry of Culture/Taiwan Creative Content Agency and HTC,  Crescent of Tokyo Japan, and South Korea IOFX). The 4DViews system has the advantages of easy operation, complete recording of humans' motions and good technical support.

The 4DViews volumetric capture system can record real human's 3D motions and appearance, including the makeup, hair, clothing, and accessories in a digital way, and produce high-quality free-viewpoint dynamic 3D models. The captured 3D models are extremely realistic and the actions can be reproduced perfectly. The effect of what you see is what you get, which cannot be provided by the traditional motion capture method and 3D animation modeling. It can accelerate the capture and production process of human motions with an efficiency of 5~10 times. This can help cultural content creators to greatly simplify the production process of digital content and reduce the production threshold, and can be applied to music MVs, advertising, stage performances and digital collection of characters; it is especially suitable for immersive interactive applications such as VR/AR/MR/XR.

  • 4DViews System Specifications
    In the green screen studio of 12mx12mx6m (H), 8 pods are placed in a 360-degree range, equipped with 32 high-quality cameras, 24 LED lights and 16 acquisition computers. The shooting range is a space with a diameter of 3m and a height of 2.4m from the center of the studio. In addition, 30 post-production servers are equipped for 3D model processing.

  • 4DViews Production Process
    It mainly includes four main stages: shooting discussion, test shooting, official shooting, and production of dynamic 3D model files. During shooting, the dynamic 3D model (e.g. 30 model frames) can be previewed after synchronized camera correction, background capture, multi-view video capture, and video rendering operation. The complete operation of the dynamic 3D model can be carried out after confirming that the model effect meets the expectation (please refer to "Production Services" for the detailed process).