(1) Application Instruction: After the consultation is completed, the user may fill in the "Commercial Test Application Form" and submit a paid test application to the "IP Lab Team" if it wants to test whether the dynamic 3D model meets its usage requirements. After acceptance, the operating unit will contact and communicate to confirm the test shooting time. Each case is limited to 2 hours (including the time for makeup), and 3 takes can be filmed, each limited to 10 seconds. After the test, the user can obtain a 3-second dynamic 3D model for post-production testing.

(2) Fees:

Security deposit
NT$50,000 (US$1,700)
Commercial test fee
NT$10,000 (US$340)
Payment deadline
Within 5 working days before the test shooting time

(三) Commercial testing service process:

Note: The "Specifications for the Use of Volumetric Capture System of IP Lab Studio" of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency must be observed for the commercial test.