IP Lab Studio is located in the badminton hall of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab of the Air Force Headquarters, mainly providing 4DViews volumetric capture and shooting services. The venue also provides the reception room, dressing room, system operation room and storage space for props.

Environmental disinfection equipment is equipped to implement pandemic prevention in the studio

For the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IP Lab specially installed environmental disinfection equipment to protect the users of the studio from virus infection:

●  Alcohol sprayer: Induction alcohol sprayers are set at the entrance of each area in the studio to provide hand hygiene and disinfection for on-site personnel at any time.

●  Ultraviolet disinfection lamps: Four ultraviolet disinfection lamps can be used to strengthen the disinfection of various areas in the studio before and after shooting on the site.

●  Air purifiers: Because the studio is a closed space, the five places, including the reception room, green studio, staff area, system operation room and dressing room, are equipped with blue light photocatalyst air purifiers, which can efficiently purify the air and decompose germs and molds and maintain a clean indoor air environment.

IP Lab will do its best to implement the shooting site management and pandemic prevention for everyone entering the studio for shooting.