• Q1: Can the model be modified in the post-production stage, such as motion editing?
  • A: Each 3D frame produced by the 4DViews volumetric capture system is a model. The topology structure is complex and disordered; it will be reorganized after a frame arrangement. The UV map and the texture produced will be presented in a discontinuous state. If it is manually modified, the same points, lines and surfaces cannot be selected for editing in the process of the dynamic operation of the model.

  • Q2: Can the number of model vertices be reduced?
  • A: The upper limit of vertices can first be set in the 4DViews system, and then the model computing can be carried out with this value; The ratio of the number of vertices to the number of triangles is about 1:2. 
  • Users with such a need should put it forward in the shooting discussion meeting for the prior evaluation by IP Lab Studio.

  • Q3: Can I change the model texture?
  • A: If you need to change the model texture, you can adjust the shader in the 3D computer animation software to change the overall light receiving degree or roughness to make the model more fit in with the CG environment.

Model source: 4DViews