Site specifications

Photography specifications

Site size

12m x 12m x 6m (height)

Character capture range

Max 3m (diameter) x 2.4m (height)

Site setting

Digital green screen background

Frames per second


Aluminum tripod

8 PCs (for cameras and LED lighting)

Number of cameras


Site green curtain lighting

Equipped with patio lights and projection lights

Camera pixels

5 million

Computing and control equipment

Lighting equipment

Acquisition computer

 16 (sets)

LED Light Fixtures 24

Color temperature: 5400K

CRI: 90

Dispersion angle: 80 degree

Master server

 1 (set)

Post-production computing cluster

 1 (set)

Computer for controller

1 (set)

Philips BVP175 150W high wattage projection lamps x 12

Color temperature: 5700K

Screen for controller

1 (set)

Lumen: 14250


HOLOSYS Version: 3.6.2

3D model format: .4DS/.ABC


Other equipment

Calibration Wand calibrator

 1 (set)

UPS equipment

Powercom on-line style



Studio setting

 2 (sets)

Sound recording equipment
Behringer UMC404HD
Studio recording host for shooting
 1  (set)